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halloween is one of my favorite times of year, not just because i happen to be obsessed with the fall or that i love dressing up in the ugliest/most awkward outfits imaginable. most holidays are warm and cozy, halloween is spooky and just cold enough to give you a chill, begging for scary movies and ridiculous decorations. i've compiled a list of the spookiest movies perfect for a creepy night in with some friends. thrilling.

rain, rain.

urban outfitters holiday


weekend in: provence

book list.

i have been scouring lately for a great book to read (a summer full of kitschy vampire books was surprisingly less stimulating than expected) and have been tempted to revisit some of my old favorites. when the weather starts getting cold nothing sounds better than curling up at home with a book and hibernating until spring. find below a list of some of my all time favorites. currently accepting suggestions.

at home: plaid

a plaid chandelier? sounds fully rediculous but is somehow so chic and glamorous in this quirky but elegant kitchen.

domino magazine


love these nerdy little glasses. the candy pink lipstick and plaid print make her all black outfit fun and interesting. coordinating with a friend seems a little "twin day" so lets pretend it was a coincidence. stay tuned for examples of interiors successfully incorporating two different plaid prints.



on the road.

i hesistate to use the phrase "tgif", clearly. even more clear, however is how completely appropriate it happens to be. the weekend is finally here and i'm once again fleeing the city and staying upstate - this seems like a nice way to head off, no?

vogue september 2009


by it's cover.

vogue october 2005

the rules.

i stumbled upon this blog, 1,001 rules for my unborn son,  through A CUP OF JO and have not been able to break away. simple, genius suggestions to raise what could be the perfect man. i couldn't have said it better myself.

337. Keep a schedule.

The boyhood schedule of James Gatz. (The Great Gatsby, Scribners 1925)


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uknown, giambattista valli spring 2009


unkown sources



the sartorialist

birthday princess wake-up.

max wagner
happy birthday to one of my best friends in the world. hope it started something like this.



dries von noten spring 2010



urban outfitters holiday preview 2009
if we must face it. a little sparkle.



haider akerman spring 2010

setting: ruby.

the look: ruby.



vogue september 2009
thus far, my week has been spent idly day dreaming of the weekend – escaping the city and relaxing upstate. in my opinion there are few places more beautiful than upstate new york to watch autumn unfold. this editorial from vogue’s annual bible – the coveted (and documented) september issue – beautifully illustrates the spirit of the season. eye-catching and inspiring, rich reds are the perfect accent to crisp fallen leaves, don’t you think?


black + white.

gripp jeans, because im addicted
love the edge and contrast of these photographs. soft, airy chiffons paired with edgy leather and mens-inspired pants. i tend to veer away from the idea of the white top/black bottom look ( too reminiscent of elementary school orchestra concerts) but these seem so new and fresh. simple - no clarinets included.

runway: ankles.

burberry spring 2010


jcrew                                                                                          jcrew


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it's tuesday and i'm thinking of the weekend already - not a good sign. styled with pieces that stand alone as staples in any urban wardrobe but when worked together instantly create a look perfect for a weekend in the country.


red wine.

dolce & gabbana spring 2010, the sartorialist
love the moody feel of these burgendy lips. perfect for fall to add a bit of drama or some warmth to a lighter look. i can always appreciate an intentionally wine-stained lip.


vogue october 2005
this photo captures it pretty well, no?



the runway : charmed.

yves saint laurent spring 2010

the look : charmed.


jill stuart : elle decor october 2009
designer jill stuart's home was featured in october 2009 issue of elle decor. in keeping with her design aesthetic, her home is quintessentially feminine. the serene feeling of this space is created by the use of a monochromatic color palette with slight pops of accent color. crisp modern furniture is balanced out with oversized hanging artwork, pulling the elements together to create a home that is as equally cozy as it is refined. charming.