in the middle.

i've been slacking a bit and have had a refreshing week completely free of technology. i thought the above photo pretty accurately showcases this week between holidays. no?




the look: pop

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so ready.

beyond ready for the weekend. it is frigidly cold outside today and i am packing up and moving out of the city this weekend in search of warmth and a few too many glasses of wine. the holidays are upon us and i'm excited to spend them upstate with my family. 


all grown out.

lately i've been really into this look of intentionally grown out highlights (sort of the beauty equivalent of pre-ripped up jeans). it's a strange concept, to work at having your hair look as though you've not gotten it done, but somehow it looks so cool and fresh. it seems this sort of painted on highlight look works best (if only at all) with tousled wavy locks well past your shoulders. definitely worth considering growing my own hair out for.



oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010
i love love love this look from the oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010 show. it is so over the top it kind of reminds me of what an old retired woman from boca would pack to wear to new york in february. brilliant.

weekend in: rio

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prada spring 2010

slow motion.

vogue italia
moving a bit slow today. 



alexander wang pre-fall 2010

i can't.

i can't stop laughing at this. why's your doorbell so vanilla?

more, more, more.

i'm clearly taken with the design and decor of the newest jcrew store featured in lonny (this is my second time in a few days mouthing off about it). everything, all the way down to the restroom, is impeccably styled. i would love to have these fun and quirky little light fixtures in my apartment. that's the real beauty of the space, it was done in a way that perfectly reflects the charm and comfort of someone's own home (a genius idea when luring people in to feel just comfortable enough to spend $398 on a sequin skirt). 


another genius rule to live by via 1001 rules for my unborn son


one of those days already. a bit early, no?


fruit punch.

oscar de la renta pre-fall 2010

the look: soft touch

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jcrew, lonnymag
as if the clothes themselves weren't chic enough, the latest addition to jcrew's ever growing retail stores, on manhattan's upper east side, took a cue from creative director jenna lyon's home. leaving no stone unturned (or table unstyled) the entire store is decorated with the same quirky yet preppy style that jcrew has come to be known for. (a great feature in the latest lonny you can view here)


pre-fall 2010 meets johnathan adler interiors.

donna karan, johnathan adler

devi kroell, johnathan adler

oscar de la renta, johnathan adler


the weekend is just about here. it is so incredibly cold today that i'm looking forward to just heading home and cozying up with a movie and snacks in bed tonight. who said friday can't be super low-key? my favorite.


i just came across this shoot w magazine did of jennifer garner for their january 2010 issue. i'm really not a fan of hers (this seems to be a trend) but the way this shoot was accessorized is insane. she is completely transformed. stunning.

w magazine january 2010


the look: candy coated

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jcrew holiday 2009
this year for my holiday decor, i stuck to icy white lights and glittering gold and amber ornaments. these old school jumbo red lights are so fun and refreshing though. they sort of remind me of how fun christmas used to be. have you decorated for the holidays yet? 

to: party girl

sequins, heals and fur make up the wardrobe of this girl about town. from an embellished cuff sure to stop the show to a cozy (and kitschy) dress for her morning recovery, this gift list will brighten the night of any wild child.

5. silver plated crystal cuff

to: adventurer

an african safari or a hike to machu picchu would be first on the list of dream vacations for this adventure lover. to keep them properly equipped for their many thrills, a list below encompasses some stylish necessities sure to come in handy when braving the wild.



tis the season for the most decadent of attire to be unveiled. with each holiday season comes a host of festive holiday engagements requiring an update to that wardrobe of "something or others". i'm usually partial to simple sophisticated styles, this remains true come december. however, the very thought of a holiday party dress demands lush textures; satins, sequins, laces, velvets.... 
find below a list of noteworthy holiday scene stealers.

1. dolce and gabbana sequin sheath
4. burberry velvet drop waist